SCDF Competition Results

Showbiz Talent Results

What a wonderful weekend we had at Showbiz Talent!  I am so proud of how all our dancers did on stage.  Here are the results.
Weighted- Paige H- Platinum
Blackout- Amanda A-Platinum
Rose-Amanda A-Platinum
Tacoma- Malia W- High Gold
Journey to the Past-Adrianna D-High Gold
Mama's Broken Heart- Camille G- High Gold
I Throw My Toys Around-Ayden H-High Gold
Perfect Isn't Easy-Payton M-High Gold
Dorian- Platinum-8th overall
Happy Face-Platinum
Grade 9- High Gold-8th overall
Me and My Girls- High Gold-5th overall
Oh My God You Guys-High Gold-8th overall
Everybody- High Gold
Ladies Choice-High Gold-2nd overall
Bellhop-Platinum-Best Prop Award
Flowers in Your Hair-Platinum-9th overall
Don't Give Up-High Gold

Spotlight Dance Competition

What a fantastic last competition!!  Spotlight was a fast and fun competition!  What a great way to end the competition year on.  Here are the results.




Stampede- Diamond, Industry Nomination

Us- Diamond, Industry Nomination, Judges award " Total Team Work"

Find a Place- Diamond, Industry Nomination, !st in Category, Cut Above Award, !st overall

Don't Say Yes- Diamond, Inductry Nomination, Showmanship Award, 2nd overall

Rockstar- Ruby

Let's Face the Music and Dance- Diamond, 1st in Catagory, 2nd overall

You Know It's About You- Ruby, Technique Award




At Last- Diamond, Judges Award' Take Me Out" 1st in Catagory, !st overall

Riverside- Ruby




Kamyrn Lista, I'm a Lady- Diamond, 9th overall

Jordan Lista, Stand By Me- Diamond, 2nd overall

Abby Marry, Heaven is a Place on Earth- Ruby, Showmanship Award

Ashleigh Higbee- I'd Rather- Diamond, A Cut Above Award, 1st in Catagory, 1st overall, 3rd in Dance Down,  Ms, Senior Spotlight

Camile Goraczkowski, Bananas- Diamond, Technique Award, 1st in Catagory, 1st overall


Revolution Talent Competition

We had a fantastic time at Revolution Talent Competition.  Here are the results.




Abby Marry- Elite Gold, 5th overall 

Jordan Lista- Elite Gold, 10th overall

Camille Goraczkowski, Elite Gold, 8th overall

Ashleigh Higbee- Revolutionary Award, 4th overall, Power Pak, World Dance Pagent Scholarship

Naomi Hargis- Platnium

Kamryn Lista- Elite Gold




Riverside- Platnium, 6th overall

At Last- Platnium, 1st in Catagory, 5th overall, Entertainment Award




Let's Face The Music- Elite Gold, 8th overall

Rockstar- Elite Gold

You Know It's About You- Elite Gold

Find a Place- Platnium, 4th overall

Us- Elite Gold

Stampede- Elite Gold, 10th overall

Don't Say Yes- Elite Gold, 5th overall





Showbiz Dance Competition

Ashleigh Higbee-Platinum, 5th overall

Naomi Hargis- High Gold

Camille Goraczkowski- High Gold, Photogenic winner

Kamryn Lista- High Gold

Jordan Lista- High Gold

Abby Marry- High Gold, 2nd Overall, Ms. Showbiz Title winner



Riverside- Platinum, 8th overall

At Last- High Gold

Let's Face the Music and Dance- High Gold


Find a Place- Platinum

Stampede- Platinum

Us- High Gold

Don't Say Yes- Platinum, 10th overall

Rockstar- High Gold 4th overall

You Know It's About You- High Gold, 7th overall


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