SCDF Competition Results

Sara, Britney and I could not be more proud of how hard all these girls danced this past weekend.  It was a very emotional competition as it was the last competition for our seniors but our family held it together and did a wonderful job a Bravo Dance Competition!!  Here are the results.



Salute--Elite High Gold, 6th overall in the Petite Overture category

Back It Up--Platnium, 8th overall in the Teen Bravo category, Choreography Award to Britney Smith

Run Run--Platinum, 2nd overall in the Teen Encore category

Dear Future Husband--Elite High Gold

Need Your Love--Elite High Gold

Forbidden City--Elite High Gold

One Day--Platinum, 5th overall Senior Bravo category, Creative Choreography Award to Britney Smith

Women Up--Elite High Gold

The Restaurant Biz--Platinum, Entertainment Award



Waterfall--Platinum, 4th overall Teen Encore category

Forever Tied--Platinum, 3rd overall Teen Bravo Category



Can't Go On--Platinum, 10th overall Teen Bravo Category


Saying Goodbye--Elite High Gold

Heal--Elite High Gold


Set Fire--Platinum

Murder Song--Platinum

Senorita--Elite High Gold, Sassy Senorita award

Tawkami Clan--Elite High Gold

Mackenzie Goraczkowski- Senior Photogenic




We had another fabulous weekend at Talent on Parade!!  We are so proud of each and everyone one of our dancers.


Tawakami Clan- Diamond

Senorita-Diamond, 2nd overall 13-14 age category, Top Stars

Set Fire- Diamond 9th overall 15-19 age category

Murder Song-Double Diamond, 6th overall 15-19 age category

Can't Go On- Diamond, 8th overall 15-19 age category

Emotion-Diamond, 15-19 age category

Saying Goodbye- Diamond, 9th overall 15-19 age category

Grief-Double Diamond, Commitment award, Top Stars

Heal- Diamond, Great Emotion Award


Waterfall-Diamond, 4th overall 13-14 age category

Forever Tied- Double Diamond, 5th overall 13-14 age category

In This Skirt-Diamond


Salute-Diamond, 2nd overall 7-8 age category

Run Run-Diamond 1st overall 11-12 age category

Restaurant Biz- Diamond, 1st overall large group 13-14 age category,

Women Up- Diamond, 8th overall small group 15-16 age category

Dear Future Husband-Diamond, 9th overall small group 15-16 age category

Need Your Love- Diamond, 6th overall small group 15-16 age category

Forbidden City- Diamond, 2nd overall small group 15-16 age category

Back It Up- Double Diamond, 8th overall 13-14 age catagory, Percision Award, Dance Directive Scholarships, Category Cup winner

One Day-Diamond, 3rd overall small group 15-16 age category


We had a great weekend competing at Revolution Talent Competition here in Colorado Springs.  The dancers were up against some extremely talented dancers and we did amazing!!  I am very proud of the SCDF Company members.  



Need You Love -- Elite Gold, 1st in Category, Dynamic Diva Award 8th Overall 

Woman Up--Elite Gold 

Dear Future Husband--Elite Gold,7th Overall

The Restaurant Biz--Elite Gold, 6th Overall

Run Run-- Elite Gold, 3rd Overall, Golden Ticket, Top 3 highest score of the day intermediate division 

Back It Up--Platnium, 3rd Overall 

Forbidden City--Elite Gold, 10th  Overall 

One Day-- Platnium, 3rd Overall, Golden Ticket, Top 3 highest score of the day advanced division 


Duos/ Trios

Forever Tied-- Platnium, 3rd Overall advanced division 

In This Skirt-- Platnium, 9th Overall advanced division 

Waterfall--Elite Gold, 3rd Overall intermediate division 



Senorita--Platnium, 2nd Overall

Tawakami Clan--  Elite Gold 

Saying GoodBye-- Elite Gold 



Can't Go On-- Platnium 

Set Fire-- Platnium 

Murder Song-- Platnium 


Kali Normandy--Power Pak

Ashleigh Higbee-- Power Pak

MacKenzie Goraczkowski--1st Overall Photogenic winner




Springs City Dance Force had our first competition this weekend. We had so much fun and I am so very proud of the dancers they did an amazing job!! Here are the results.
Peyton Kramer....Elite Gold, 9th overall
Brianna Johnson.....Platnium, 2nd overall
Kali Normandy.....Elite Gold, Elite Gold, Platinum, 8th overall
Mackenzie Gorackowski.........Elite Gold
Bobbi Schneider-Harris...Elite Gold, Platinum, 7th overall
Ashleigh Higbee.....Platnium, 6th overall, National Invite, Scholarship
Forever Tied...Platnium, 5th overall
Waterfall....Elite Gold, 1st overall
In this Skirt....Platnium, 3rd overall
Forbidden City,....Elite Gold, 4th overall
Run Run......Elite Gold, 2nd overall
Women Up....Gold, 4th overall
The Restaurant Biz....Platnium, 1st overall, Excellence in Category
Back it Up.....Elite Gold
One Day....Elite Gold, 3rd overall
Dear Future Husband....Gold, 5th overall
Need Your Love...Platnium, 1st overall, Excellence in Category


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